Dear Mozilla...

Please listen to the community.

Author: Hexandcube
Published: March 11, 2022
Reading Time: 1 min
Dear Mozilla...

Dear Mozilla,

Volunteers are working hard on translating Firefox, offering user support, and helping users to move from Chrome, only for Mozilla to come and mess things up. People are leaving Firefox because instead of actually improving the browser and listening to your community, you’re adding useless features (like Colorways), removing useful features (like FTP support, and abandoning the implementation of PWAs), adding advertisements to the browser (like the recent Turning Red campaign), and working with crypto exchanges. And look what happened, Firefox has only 4.2% marketshare1. And we can do nothing about it. Because the community is not in control.

I’m really sad to see this happen. I really don’t want to use a Chromium browser, but if Mozilla keeps doing what they’re doing now, I might have no choice.

- Hexandcube
Hobby web developer, and Firefox Volounteer

  1. According to Statcounter GlobalStats: ↩︎