Hexandcube's Client Tweaks

File Type: CurseForge Modpack (zip)
File Version: 1.0 [1.16.5] (2021-05-06)
File Size: 26KB


Vanilla Minecraft experience with improvements like:

  • Saturation and hunger HUD
  • Armor and tool durability HUD
  • Block/Entity HUD
  • Shulkerbox Tooltips
  • Minimap with waypoints
  • Crafting and inventory tweaks
  • and more

This pack works on the client side so should work with Vanilla Multiplayer servers

Mod list:

  • Collective (by Serilum)
  • AppleSkin (by squeek502)
  • Controlling (by Jaredlll08)
  • Client Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Inventory HUD+ (by dmitrylovin)
  • Double Doors (by Serilum)
  • Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Just Enough Resources (JER) (by way2muchnoise)
  • Jade 🔍 (by Snownee_)
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)
  • Better Title Screen (by Girafi)
  • Shulker Tooltip (by ZephaniahNoah)
  • Xaero’s Minimap (by xaero96)
  • Crafting Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Performant (by someaddon)
  • ReAuth (by TechnicianLP)
  • Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Blur (by tterrag1098)
  • Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)
  • Screenshot to Clipboard (Forge) (by comp500)
  • RandomPatches (Forge) (by TheRandomLabs)
  • Xaero’s World Map (by xaero96)

If you want to use OptiFine, you have to add it manually by placing the Optifine jar in the mods folder. I cannot add Optifine to the mod pack due to its license.

Compatible with the MultiMC Launcher.

Install on CurseForge Visit Project Page

Beta for 1.17.1

A beta for Minecraft 1.17.1 is available. Changelog is available on CurseForge. The beta version uses an experimental version of forge, and will not work with the MultiMC Launcher.

Install beta on CurseForge

Latest Version Metadata

File name: Hexandcubes_Client_Tweaks-1.0.zip
File type: CurseForge Modpack (zip)
File size: 26KB
File version: 1.0 [1.16.5] (2021-05-06)

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1.0 [1.16.5] (latest - 2021-05-06)
2.0 Beta [1.17.1] (2021-08-17)